An Original TV Series by Janet Arlotta

How marijuana can heal a nation then tear it down just as quickly... and while two men faced incarceration, a woman builds an empire on its back.


Past: Kevin, a drug hustler and stick-up kid from the Bronx, shares a brotherly bond with Jamaica’s most powerful gangster, Prezi. Together, they act as modern day Robin Hoods in the early new century, and use illegal means to provide for the residents of their poverty stricken community of Tivoli Gardens, Jamaica. Running an enormous marijuana and gun trade between Jamaica and New York, they rise quickly on the U.S. global “Most wanted” list.

Meanwhile some years later, Lily Sinclair, a high powered business woman from NY, runs a legalized cannabis farming and distribution corporation in California. Lily’s cash business is growing fast, faster than she can keep up. Her marriage has recently fallen apart but she keeps going as a single mother of two and recent addition to the Forbes top 100 list.


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