Blind Man's Bluff

A digital series by Janet Arlotta

Teens return to their summer retreat at the lake. Their curiosity about the age old legend of the bluff above, prompts them to go searching for answers. It takes the desire of a desperate teen and the true sight of her new blind friend to uncover an alternate reality that has the power to grant all desires, but at an ultimate price.

The Legend

  • A magical green mist crawls through the forest of the bluff.
  • It only appears to those with the truest desire.
  • It enfolds the chosen ones and grants them their every wish.
  • In return, the chosen are trapped within the alternate reality of the mist, never to return... then again.
  • In the mist, visitors find their desires and mystical creatures of all shapes and sizes, good and evil.

For more information, contact Carol for the password.


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