Going Due South

Maddie, a driven up-and-coming reality-TV producer, travels to the Big Easy to shoot a special for her latest series. The special centers around the age-old southern tradition of the charity bachelor auction.

New Orleans proves to be as eclectic as she imagined, although she never guessed it would be so intoxicating. She certainly didn’t count on Daniel, the sexy slow-talking local who proves to be more than first appearances let on.


A woman who had resigned herself to a life of routine smoke screens, finds herself party to a fateful accident that puts her on a path of second chances and forgotten dreams. Now she must choose to embrace the love that she thought lost and the man that she could never forget.

Mistress Of Rose Hall

Story of Annie Palmer and Rose Hall

GANJA: Original TV Series

How marijuana can heal a nation then tear it down just as quickly... and while two men faced incarceration, a woman builds an empire on its back.

This hard hitting dramatic series with an ongoing story arc, follows characters in two timelines; each a huge contradiction to the other, but with one common thread...the big business of the marijuana trade. The two timelines will connect in the second season as the action takes place simultaneously on opposing shores. 

Young Adult Projects

Blind Man's Bluff

Teens return to their summer retreat at the lake. Their curiosity about the age old legend of the bluff above, prompts them to go searching for answers.It takes the desire of a desperate teen and the true sight of her new blind friend to uncover an alternate reality that has the power to grant all desires, but at an ultimate price.

Remember Me

A geneticist in 2025 is entrenched in a study to uncover the transference of memories from generation to generation. Her main subject is a sociopath locked in a mental institution for the past eighteen years. What she doesn’t realize is that her best subject is right under her nose... her teenage daughter, RUE. 

Hidden House

Have you ever had one of those things in your neighborhood that you just couldn’t explain, growing up? For a group of teens, living on Oak Crest, it is the mysterious field at the end of the street and the odd free standing gate with no fence. On one mystical autumn night, they find out what happens when you walk through it.



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