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Sulfurica is going to ProMax

May 3, 2018

Jose Fernandez will be at ProMax New York this year. 

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Excerpt posted on April 30, 2018 at

When Founder and Executive Director José Fernández talks about his creative studio, Sulfurica, he compares it to music. For him, Sulfurica conjures a restless, rock-infused spirit that’s suffused with its own unique style.
Sulfurica started at the University of Arts, Sciences and Communication (UNIACC) in Santiago,Chile. Fernández was studying graphic design with a specialization in multimedia, along with classmate Claudio Guerra—who is now the agency’s creative director and co-founder. They were both excited by what they were learning in their animation class; after it was over, they continued researching the subject by themselves, until they were asked to create an advertising agency in one of their workshops. That project spawned what is now Sulfurica.
For the project, the two brought in Guerra’s brother, Freddy, who was studying digital animation at the same university. He now serves as the studio’s animation director and third partner.
“We founded Sulfurica out of our love for animation,” says Fernández. “In the ‘90s, when we were younger, we were surrounded by a hyper-visual culture in which MTV videos dominated. I was a fan of movie and music-video directors and the Guerra brothers had a penchant for traditional animation. There was a good marriage of interests.”
When it came time to name the studio, the partners wanted to convey their vision of the industry and they wanted to stand out while doing it. With that in mind, they turned to rock and roll, and were inspired by the element of ácido sulfúrico (sulphuric acid). To them, the mineral connected the natural world to the extreme expression of the music genre.
“We thought of rock-related elements, such as ácido sulfúrico ( sulphuric acid). But it sounded too long, masculine, ugly, so we shortened it and gave it a feminine touch [changing the Spanish masculine ending ‘o’ to the feminine ‘a’] to come up with Sulfurica.”
The logo’s upward slant indicates Sulfurica’s enthusiasm for its work.
“We wanted to contrast our rock-star spirit with a more personal signature that would draw people in with its warmth while still appearing professional. It is the same contrast we experienced as we evolved from an animation and motion graphics studio, to take on a more creative and developmental role,” says Fernández.

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