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Carol Eisenrauch

Global Business Development and Executive Producer
Carol has worked in various segments of the Media Industry. She was VP of Global Sales and Marketing for PromaxBDA, the world’s leading/trade organization for television promotion, marketing, and broadcast design executives. During this time, she handled sponsorship sales for the PromaxBDA conferences located across Asia, Europe, South America, the Middle East and the U.S. She was instrumental in launching the Video Game Marketing Association, as well as the first ever global 3D Film Festival in Singapore. Carol has also worked with companies in Commercial Photography, Illustration, and Production for TV Commercials and Films.


  • Hurrah Marketing and Productions- Development, Sales, Producing, Strategy and Consulting
  • PromaxBDA- VP Global Business Development
  • CA Eisenrauch and Associates, Principal- Commercial Representation Firm
  • Daddy Doctor- USC Short Film -Producer, Marty Ollstein- writer/director
  • Rosie Reed Music Video- Producer
  • Platinum Triangle- Feature film Associate Producer -Anthony Christopher- director/producer
  • Fatal Pulse- Feature film Associate Producer -Anthony Christopher- director/producer
  • Audjeff productions, Bert Schneider-Bert’s assistant
  • Tom Kelley Studios- Studio Representative/ Executive Producer -commercial photography
  • Starbright Productions- Barbara Linkevitch- writer/director and Carol Eisenrauch- producer: Night Limits Film Project
  • Eisenrauch and Fink- Principal- Commercial Representation Firm

Cindy Whiteside

International vp, sales & marketing
Cindy has over ten years of experience in marketing, event planning, production and coordination of national and international events in the United States and Latin America.
Recognized for her strong ability to identify trends, develop competitive strategies and execute strategically planned projects.
Some relevant characteristics are her experience on Game Marketing for video games with the MI6 conference, while maintaining industry competitiveness by attending trade shows and conferences related to the subject.


  • Hurrah Marketing
  • Twentieth Century Fox
  • Direct TV, Latin America Division
  • Backstage Creations
  • Promax / BDA& Mi6

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